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volunteer and work experience opportunities
We realised early on the need for affordable fitness in the Cowichan Valley and also discovered that sometimes even the most of affordable isn't so affordable.
Hence the creation of the Fitstop Volunteer and Work Experience Program.

We offer the opportunity to gain work experience and valuable skills as a volunteer staff member and have been encouraged to see our volunteers move on to other employment opportunities, armed with new found confidence and skills with great references!

Short term or long term, the offer is always available!

As a volunteer you will be required to work one set 3 hour shift a week and are fully trained to do the work involved. You will be responsible for general cleaning, answering phones and front desk enquiries, membership sales and showing people around the gym etc.

No fitness background is required as we have qualified trainers who will orientate clients to their programs.

In exchange for that three hour shift you will be given open access to the upstairs facility, cardio and weight rooms, and be orientated by a trainer for your workout program.

If this is an opportunity that you would like to make the most of, please come down to the gym and see us.

Finacial restrictions are no longer a factor in reaching your weight loss goals if you are teachable and willing to be a part of the Fitstop team!
call us today if you would like to become a Fitstop team member! 
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