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Ideal Protein - the science
The ideal protein program is based on solid science developed from early research conducted at Harvard in the 1970's.

The modern method is a
that provides just the right amount of the highest quality protein needed to protect and improve muscle mass and vital organs.

                                                                                                                 that are often high in saturated fats, and tax the liver and the kidneys.
Ideal protein science & ketosis rapidly burns fat naturally
medically based approach
It is quite different to popular high protein diets
The Ideal Protein Diet is not a high protein diet!
Ideal Protein is a
medically designed protocol
                                                                                                                            who wanted to reduce fat without impacting lean muscle mass, the Ideal Protein science is a
that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass.

                                                                                     by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD PhD, who focused his career and research on sports medicine and nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of weight and later obesity and obesity related issues.

While the ideal protein diet has been around a long time, for years it was available only to celebrities and select individuals.

                                                                                                                    since it has been used in Europe by well-informed physicians. Countless practitioners have their clients follow the protein diet successfully.
Developed for high performance athletes on the French Olympic Team
medically designed protocol
Protein is not an end in itself!
Protein is a means or a tool and like any tool,

                                                                                                           but it does not follow the same principles as typical, low-calorie, supposedly balanced diets

                                                                                    the ideal protein science attacks the weight-gain mechanism head on instead of waiting until the damage has been done

Ideal Protein Diet's primary objectives during the weight loss phases are to:

you must know how to safely use it!
The ideal protein science reduces the amount of calories,
More importantly, by regulating the pancreas,
  1. Maintain an optimal protein intake
  2. Avoid reducing the amount of mineral salts and vitamins in the diet
  3. Significantly reduce carbohydrate and fat intake
A physiological process (ketosis) involves converting body fat into fuel
Ketosis is the process by which the body turns its fat reserves into energy and gluconeogenesis is the process by which it converts the amino acids in its muscles into energy.

The principle of the program works by inducing ketosis, the ideal protein diet forces your metabolism to convert fat into ďfuelĒ and melt the fat away.

Short term ketosis is safely induced by the ideal protein diet to correct the pancreasí metabolism. When the pancreas is not functioning properly, it causes too much sugar to be absorbed and fat to be stored.

Once the way the pancreas responds to food has been corrected, it functions so well that cravings for sweets disappear and the body functions as it should have all along.
Achieving ketosis gives the pancreas a rest
When you follow the ideal protein diet, your pancreas rests because there is no sugar for it to detect. As a result, it no longer secretes insulin (actually a small amount of insulin is produced for vital functions).

Consequently, the over-heated furnace cools down and resets. As long as the body is producing virtually no insulin, it is in a state of ketosis. It burns fat (and lean muscle tissue, if protein intake is inadequate) because it has no glucose for fuel.

Ketosis is a physiological phenomenon.

There is no active slimming ingredient; however, a natural, physiological slimming response is triggered in the body.
What you need to know about ketosis and the ideal protein science
Ketosis is among the most maligned and misunderstood concepts in nutrition because it is often confused with ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening condition.

                                                                                                         which is the end result of fat metabolism. When carbohydrate intake, as well as calorie intake is sufficiently limited for a long enough period of time, the body is forced to use the fat stores for energy

                                                                                                             which are then used instead of carbohydrates for energy

                                                                      through the urine and their presence can be measured by testing the urine with a ketone stick

                                                         to the body's reduced intake of carbohydrates as the body shifts its primary source of energy from carbohydrates to stored fat.

            then introduces healthy eating patterns that enable clients to easily maintain their ideal weight through sensible food combining choices.

                                                                                                                            in moderation, once the 4-phase diet method is completed.
Ketosis is the accumulation of ketone bodies in the body,
When fat is burned (metabolized) it produces ketone bodies,
Excess ketones are naturally excreted
Ketosis is a natural adjustment
The Ideal Protein Diet utilizes the beneficial effects of ketosis for weight loss on a short term basis
There is lots of room in the nutritional program for favorite foods,
Is the ideal protein diet harmful, unsafe and when to avoid it
                                                                                                                  because it involves no medication. Itís not a high protein diet, because you eat the proteins your body actually needs and no more. Therefore, it does not affect the kidneys more than any other protein diet consisting of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

               go on a protein diet if you have severe impairment in kidney function

               go on the protein diet if you have insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, not because of the proteins but because of the sugars that are eliminated

               go on an overly strict diet of any kind if youíve recently had a cardiovascular incident,
The ideal protein diet is not an aggressive weight-loss method,
This protein diet is not for children who haven`t finished growing, nor is it for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Any effective diet results in a deficiency that proteins alone cannot correct
The main hazard of protein diets is a potassium deficiency, which can be harmful to your heart. Please ensure you are following the protocol correctly according to your coaches instructions.

 Two hundred thousand people follow the protein diet every year

No incident has ever been recorded in the years the diet has been used in France, Canada or the USA though the same cannot be said for other weight-loss treatments

Should there ever be an incident, itíll most likely be due to failure by failture to follow the protocolís basic rules or to self-medication
Comparing Ideal Protein with Common Low-Carb Diets
The chart to your right clearly identifies how a normal (non-weight loss) diet (left) compares to the typical reduced calorie diets (centre) and the carefully developed ideal protein weight loss diet (right).

It does not tire the body

It does not melt away muscle mass

It is used over the short term so that itís easier to respect restrictions

It does not result in the rebound effect or yo-yoing (as long as you change any bad food habits you may have)

It does not cause depression. On the contrary, clients feel good, energetic and even blissful

All is achieved without the use of any medication whatsoever
The ideal protein diet method has other advantages:
Comparing Ideal Protein with Common Low-Carb Diets
1. Eating better, or more nutritionally, is a good way to maintain a healthy weight, but it wonít result in weight loss. You could eat less. Eating less is definitely necessary, but itís not sufficient.

2. When you lose weight, you lose fat. And when you lose fat, you unfortunately also lose protein mass or muscles (protein mass also includes the internal organs: the heart, liver, kidneys, etc.) which can be dangerous.

3. Rapidly burning fat while retaining muscle mass implies that lost protein must be compensated for by a calculated protein intake as part of a low-calorie, time-limited diet.

4. The Ideal Protein Diet delivers carefully measured vegetable based proteins along with supplementation of essential vitamin & mineral salts during the weight loss phases so the body is protected correctly and effectively as the body rapidly burns fat and the weight is lost.
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The protocol was developed over 20 years ago
Not a single incident has been ascribed to the ideal protein diet
It's a medical method.
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