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Ideal Protein - the cost
Ideal protein weight loss program cost
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Ideal Protein Program Cost:
Our goal is to make the truly remarkable ideal protein weight loss diet cost as affordable as it is effective.

You want to achieve your weight loss goals, so with sensitivity and a genuine concern for your success, we'll keep you on track every step of the way.

We support our clients through weekly check-ins and throughout their program by phone and email with in-depth knowledge, guidance, encouragement and even a firm hand when needed.
We are committed to ethical client services!
Receive a free box of food for each person
you refer who also signs up!
Your initial start up cost includes:

Phase 1 food cost: $100.00 (plus tax) per week from week 3 to goal week (minimum 3 week participation)

Phase 2 food cost: $67.00 (plus tax) per week (mandatory 2 weeks participation)

Phase 3 food cost: $37.00 (plus tax) per week (mandatory 2 weeks participation)

Phase 4: Free! You will have two months of follow up appointments so that we can help you maintain your good work! There is no cost for this part of the program but you may however at any time after the diet purchase any of the food...especially if you like it!
REMEMBER: Your regular grocery food bill will decrease! So calculate your personal grocery bill savings (estimate at about 60%) over the length of your program (seven week minimum). Then subtract those grocery savings from the Ideal Protein Program Cost to determine what your real cost will be!
Because we know how tight finances can be, and because we also know this diet works and will be worth the investment, we have come up with a way to make it a little cheaper for you! For each person you refer to us who commits to this program as you have, we will give YOU a free box of food! And referral is easy! Imagine how cost effective your program will be when people start asking you how you lost that weight so fast!
  1. We will exceed your expectations and help you do what it takes to succeed
  2. We will make recommendations based only on your best interests at that time
  3. We will never recommended a product or service that is not absolutely necessary
  4. We will answer your phone & email inquiries promptly and completely
  5. We will take the time to listen to you & educate you, if you want it
  6. We will deliver a professional level of service and accountability at all times
  7. We will respect and protect your opinions, preferences and right to privacy
With this ethical approach as our guide, we do whatever it takes to earn your trust, address your needs and honour your loyalty.
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The "Hidden" Extra Costs:
Dietary supplements and vitamins are an important and mandatory part of this program. Depending on the length of your program, you may need to replace these supplements as they run out. Don't worry...they are a high end inexpensive addition to your program! The only other "hidden cost" is the guarantee that you will have to go shopping for new clothes!
Click here to see our Ideal Protein Microsite & food options!
Each week you will meet with your fully trained Ideal Protein coach who will weigh you and measure you, check your weekly food journal and troubleshoot any issues with you. Your coach is there for support and encouragement, but also for accountability. If you are not meeting your 3lb a week average weight loss, it is the job of your coach to find out why and to make sure you are meeting that minimum! We are committed to not just helping you reach your goal as quickly as possible, but also to educating you so that you are able to maintain that goal long after you have finished seeing us every week!
Don't be sucked in by discounted foods or offers of "cheaper coaching"
Just like any product, you can probably find it somewhere else cheaper! Online searches or Ebay..."certified" centers with cheaper ordering etc. But any center or place that is willing to sell you discounted product is not following the standard operating procedures as set out by Ideal Protein. The price of the food and supplements are set to stop price gouging and to ensure that each and every client is taken care of properly. This is a medical program that needs to be monitored correctly! If a center is willing to drop their prices to get you to sign up to the program, they are also less likely to make sure you are taken care of properly. Their motivation is money not your health and wellbeing. Likewise of centers that are willing to sell you more product than you really need! At Fitstop you can be guaranteed quality care without fluctuating prices where the focus is on your health as an individual. We will not ever sell you more than you need for your program and you can be guaranteed variety in food choices so you are not stuck eating the same old things over and over for the entire length of your program! If you are unhappy with the food choices or quality of care at your current center provider, please feel free to give us a call so we can make sure your concerns are heard and your program is properly supervised.
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